Stage 7


We are still in the areas of the Risorgimento, where Piedmontese and Austrians

faced each other and then fought the wars of independence. After Goito (Italian victory) we touch on Curtatone (Austrian victory). A few kilometers from Mantua you pass the Santuario delle Grazie, definitely a sacred place with many surprises, including a crocodile hanging from the ceiling. In the square in front of it, there is an important event that sees at work the “madonnari,” artists who decorate the pavements with their works. The arrival in Mantua is spectacular: skirting the Mincio River, a few steps from the water, we catch a glimpse of the magnificent profile that the city’s monuments make up.

  • Distance : 24,3 Km

  • Time : 6 hours

  • Terrain : trails, country roads, embankment paths

  • Height difference + : 125 m

  • Height difference – : 146 m

  • Altitude max : 33 m

  • Altitude min : 10 m

Download file: viarg07.gpx
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