On the Way

It is one of the Germanic-Roman Roads, European Cultural Routes and it is based on ancient routes: 3 Roman Consular roads; Renaissance roads; 18th century roads; commercial by land and water roads; devotional roads (St. Bartholomew’s). Finally the Habsburg’s Regia Road, which was desired by Leopold of Lorraine and Francesco d’Este to connect Florence to Vienna, passing through Modena.
One encounters a plurality of natural emergencies, World Heritage sites Unesco, of ancient villages. Religious and civil architecture, bold medieval bridges and classical monuments, caskets of art in museums and sacred relics in shrines.
But also the beauty of contemporary Italy, fruit of the productive mastery of the
Italian genius and craftsmanship, food and wine excellence, haute couture and the Motor Valley.
In these pages we have included descriptions of all the stages, both the route base, as well as variants, and links to interesting places near our route, to reach which we propose a detour.
The itinerary is presented on the site in three sections, which correspond to homogeneous territorial areas. In each section you will find descriptions of the individual stages including the related accommodations, which we still recommend calling a few days before arrival to check if the facility is open, what services it offers and the prices charged.

The Via Romea Imperiale can be covered in one go or broken into fractions, even in a loop, that can be covered in a few days, such as those
corresponding to the following sections.

Geographical areas

Northern area

Emilia area

Tuscany area

Stage  Start Finish km
1 trento rovereto 29
2 rovereto ala 21
3 ala brentino 23
4 brentino pastrengo 22
5 pastrengo peschiera 20
5.a pastrengo verona s zeno 23
5.b verona villafranca 20
5.c villafranca valeggio-volta M 20
6 peschiera volta – goito 30
7 goito mantova 25
8 mantova sbenedetto po 26
9 sbenedetto po concordia 23
10 concordia sozzigalli 27
10.a concordia carpi 27
10.b carpi campogalliano 17
10.c campogalliano sassuolo 27
10.d sassuolo serramazzoni 25
10.e serramazzoni pavullo s bartolomeo 13
11 sozzigalli modena 19
12 modena maranello 21
13 maranello s dalmazio (mulino) 19
14 s dalmazio (mulino) pavullo (p toscanini) 18
15 pavullo vaglio-montecreto 23
15.a pavullo c gianino-montecreto 23
16 montecreto pieve-fiumalbo 21
16.a montecreto s.michele fiumalbo 19
17 fiumalbo cutigliano 21
18 cutigliano ponte petri 22
19 ponte petri pistoia 20
20 pistoia prato 27
21 prato firenze 28
22 firenze palazzolo 26
23 palazzolo loppiano s. giovanni 21
24 s giovanni v.a. laterina 25
25 laterina arezzo 20