Stage 3


We leave Ala returning to our steps traveled the previous day, to gain the dear Adige, which has been with us for two stages already; we will continue to follow it also in this step and the next one if we take the route of the Lake of Garda , or for yet another stop, if we want to go to Verona. Sometimes We leave the river and continue on the canals that run alongside it, conveying the water to irrigate the fertile valley. You reach the small town of Borghetto, on the border with the province of Verona. To indicate the border, there is an old stone dating back to the end of the nineteenth century, with the initials of Italy and Austria engraved on both sides, a memory of an era still dominated by monarchies and empires.

This stage also presents two “optional” opportunities, which we recommend. These are two links that lead off the basic route for some kilometers, but the effort will be rewarded by visiting the Avio Castle, which you reach by walking along some stretches on the original pavement of the Via Claudia Augusta. The other detour leads to the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Corona, a true devotional jewel, set on the rock of Monte Baldo which divides the Valley from Lake Garda, at 800 m. above sea level. In addition to the devotional aspect, it also offers a beautiful panorama of the Valley.

  • Distance : 22,6 Km

  • Time : 5 hours

  • Terrain: almost entirely asphalted cycle path

  • Height difference + : 182 m

  • Height difference – : 159 m

  • Altitude max : 180 m

  • Altitude min : 121 m

Download file: viarg03.gpx
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