Stage 4


This stage from a landscape point of view in the first part is similar to previous ones, then it moves away from the river for a few kilometers to go up to Rivoli Veronese, a town preceded by the historic fort built by the Austrians as a garrison of the area. After passing another Austrian fort, the stage ends at Pastrengo, a center that recalls school studies and the Italian-Austrian wars of Risorgimento. In fact, an important battle of the first world war was fought in Pastrengo, the War of Independence (1848), in which Charles Albert’s Piedmontese defeated the Austrians led by General Radetzky thanks to the famous charge of the Carabinieri in defense of the king. Nearly three hundred Carabinieri on horseback, sabers drawn, galloped off to the cry of “Savoy.” The war then turned in Austria’s favor, and it took two more Wars of Independence, also fought in these places, to unite the village and the entire Veneto region to Italy.

  • Distance : 21,9 Km

  • Time : 5 hours

  • Terrain : bike path, trails, country roads

  • Height difference + : 257 m

  • Height difference – : 249 m

  • Altitude max : 219 m

  • Altitude min : 116 m

Download file: viarg04.gpx
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Itinerary from Pastrengo to Mantua

Leaving Pastrengo we have two alternative routes, both of which are striking: Lake Garda and Verona. In the pages that follow the first route; here on the side are the links to the pages describing the Lake route.