Stage 5


In Pastrengo the EIA offers two alternatives, both suggestive: the Lake and Verona. Here we talk about the first itinerary, later we will describe the second. We walk on the Via Postumia, an ancient Roman Consular that crossed the entire Po Valley, from Aquileia to Genoa.

The landscape and the type of route change radically: in fact, we leave the Adige cycle path on which we walked for three days and we will travel along country roads, both dirt and asphalt, but always with very little traffic, skirting beautiful vineyards that produce the famous Garda wines up to ColĂ  di Lazise, a beautiful village also known for its important spa.

Before arriving at the lake, we can indulge in a playful digression at the Gardaland park, which we pass right in front of. Finally, we arrive in Peschiera, on the estuary of Lake Garda, the Mincio, which will accompany us for a few stages. A city rich in history, being of Roman origin, Peschiera was then an important Venetian center, and finally the scene of the wars of independence (one of the cities of the quadrilateral).

Not to be forgotten is a beautiful sanctuary dedicated to the Madonna del Frassino, a destination for pilgrim devotion.

  • Distance : 22,0 Km

  • Time : 5,5 hours

  • Terrain : dirt and asphalt country roads

  • Height difference + : 144 m

  • Height difference – : 268 m

  • Altitude max : 178 m

  • Altitude min : 63 m

Download file: viarg05.gpx
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