Tuscany Zone

Fiumalbo – Arezzo
km 210 tappe 9

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From the pyramids of Abetone, which once marked the border between Modena and Tuscany, you descend through spectacular pine forests, first, and then olive groves, up to the plain that begins from the beautiful Pistoia.

Here you enter the Cassia, the Roman Consular that leads to Arezzo, through Prato, Florence and the Upper Valdarno. The section is characterized by the Great History that for some centuries has seen Tuscany as the center of the unknown world: the great families of the Medici and the Lorraine, the artists of the Renaissance and Humanism. Many civil and religious monuments, scattered along the entire itinerary, are the witnesses of that unforgettable period. Important relics kept here have been reached for centuries by many pilgrims.

Finally, Florence, for which every word is superfluous, was reached by St. Francis and his Brothers from Assisi through the Via that crosses the Valdarno.

Fiumalbo – Arezzo

17 Fiumalbo – Cutigliano

18 Cutigliano – Ponte Petri

19 Ponte Petri – Pistoia

20 Pistoia – Prato

21 Prato – Firenze

22 Firenze – Palazzolo

23 Palazzolo – Loppiano San Giovanni

24 San Giovanni – Laterina

25 Laterina – Arezzo