Stage 25


This is the last leg of our itinerary. There is definitely a sense of satisfaction with the journey now almost complete, but also the melancholy that one feels whenever an exciting experience draws to a close. We have traveled a magnificent journey in space and time, seeing the work of nature and that of man, well integrated in this corner of Tuscany crossed by different peoples, protagonists of history for millennia. This stop is also very pleasant and offers us some not-to-be-missed tidbits. The beautiful Villa Monsoglio rebuilt in the Baroque style but from an earlier period; the cultural center of Rondine, where Peace is preached and practiced, on the banks of the Arno, a few kilometers from Arezzo; the Mona Lisa Bridge, in Buriano, reproduced by Leonardo behind Mona Lisa in the most famous painting of all time.

And finally here is Arezzo, the Chimera, with its narrow streets remaining as they were in Vasari’s time, with the cycle of the True Cross by Piero della Francesca, with the Duomo on the highest hill. And close to it also our Patron Saint, who has assisted us all along the way and now greets us from a very ancient little church, wishing us a GOOD WALK even in our everyday life, which awaits us from tomorrow.

  • Distance : 19,6 Km

  • Time : 6 ore

  • Terrain: trails, country roads

  • Height difference + : 280 m

  • Height difference – : 202 m

  • Max altitude : 298 m

  • Min altitude : 182 m

Download file: viarg25.gpx
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