Northern Zone

Trento – San Benedetto Po
km 282, tappe 12, varianti incluse

referent: Angiolino Castioni 345 6147827

This section of the Via crosses three regions, which were once part of the Habsburg Kingdom of Lombardy and Venetia.

Through two ancient Roman roads, the Claudia Augusta and the Postumia, you can retrace places full of history: the birthplace of Virgil, and the thermal baths dear to Catullus; the Gonzaga and Della Scala seigniories; the Venetian expansion and the Napoleonic passage; The battles of the Risorgimento and the First World War.

Along the way there are several devotional destinations, such as the three evocative Marian sanctuaries and the abbey where Matilda of Canossa was buried.

Cities of art, Unesco World Heritage Sites, and castled villages, and great naturalistic variety: from the Alps to the great plain, from the largest Italian lake to the most important river to the morainic hills.

01 Trento – Rovereto

02  Rovereto – Ala

03  Ala – Brentino

04 Brentino – Pastrengo

05 Pastrengo – Peschiera

06 Peschiera – Goito

07 Goito – Mantova

08 Mantova – San Benedetto Po

9 San Benedetto Po – Concordia

Alternative route: from Pastrengo to Mantova

5.a Pastrengo – Verona

5.b Verona – Villafranca

5.c Villafranca – Volta Mantovana