Stage 02


Our journey begins in Trento, the city famous for the Council from which the Counter-Reformation was born. It was for a millennium a land of passage for the descent of the Nordic people in Italy. We will retrace one of the two branches of the Via Claudia Augusta: the one that heads decidedly south, towards the Po (while the other arrives to the Adriatic, in Altino, north of Venice). After the urban section leaves the city, the route along the Adige begins, almost always using the most important of the slope cycle paths in Trentino. It crosses the entire territory of the region from north to south, connecting the Province of Bolzano with Verona, and the heart of the Alps with the Po Valley. You cross countrysides cultivated with vineyards and orchards, skirting the small villages. The overall difference in altitude on the entire route does not exceed 200 meters. Almost all of its development is protected from vehicular traffic, if so exclude some agricultural vehicles authorized to transit on the cycle path, to reach the locked funds.

  • Distance : 21,0 Km

  • Time : 5 ore

  • Terrain : almost entirely tarmac cycle

  • Height difference + : 150m

  • Height difference – : 140 m

  • Altitude max : 210 m

  • Altitude min : 170 m

Download file: viarg02.gpx
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