Stage 10


In the province of Modena we will find an important crossroads of Roman roads, namely the continuation of the Claudia Augusta (up to the Tyrrhenian Sea), and the Via Emilia.
Before reaching the challenging mountains of the Apennines, we will continue walking along the bank of the Secchia river, among lars of poplars and bell towers in the distance.

However, it could be said that beyond the Secchia there is the scent of another river, slightly alcoholic: it is the Lambrusco river that is produced here in different types, and exported all over the world
being one of the most popular wines. The area was the scene of a serious earthquake a few years ago, the signs of which are still clearly visible in the villages that are encountered.

  • Distance : 26,7 Km

  • Time : 7 hours

  • Terrain : dirt embankment roads

  • Height difference + : 173 m

  • Height difference – : 163 m

  • Altitude max : 31 m

  • Altitude min : 18 m

Download file: viarg10.gpx
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